quinta-feira, 19 de julho de 2012

8 - The Maze of Fears

I am afraid of so many things.
We are guided by fear so many times.
If only I could grow some wings
to fly away from this maze that defines
my actions, decisions and ideas…
I must fight to be audacious.

These walls of fear design the path
of my life and do me wrong.
Their influence is clear as math
and everyone is taken along
the same laws of dynamics
to the point of becoming fanatics.

All human beings share the same
original fear — being alone.
That fear is our human claim,
it’s inside us to the bone.
Nothing is more legitimate
than longing for our perfect mate.

But from this fear others arise
out of frustration and pain.
We put them all under disguise
to the point of making our heart insane.
Original and following fears are hidden
as we cease to believe in Eden.

Blind in pride we say we’re rational
and strong whilst getting lost in the maze
of fears. We don’t even recognize each wall
standing before us in our chase
of denial. Scepticism is the main rule
and sarcasm the favourite tool.

The maze takes us to the ultimate paradox —
we’re afraid of loneliness and afraid of love!
This squared spiral is an entrapment box
of disconnection to the reality above
our weak understanding and false principles.
It deafens the intuition’s ripples.

Love is real. It is there. Listen!
Embrace the risk of pain and jump
towards the meaning of life. Away from the prison
of stoned hearts with only venom to pump.
Share yourself, face the fear to suffer,
cherish the fragility of the other.

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